Different types of ice cream making machines

Different types of ice cream making machines

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Ice cream making machines

Manual machine

This machine is to make ice creams using bare hands. If you choose this one, then you have to be fully attentive to it. The only advantage is that you don’t have to use electricity and using this machine you can have exciting and fun time with kids as they will enjoy your ice cream making as you do manually.

The pre-freeze

This machine is mostly preferred these days by many people who want to make quality ice creams. Choose this only if you are ready to wait at least for 13 hours because the freeze bowl of the machine will take the time to get frozen. But the quality of the ice cream will be incredible.

Built-in compressor models

Different types of ice cream making machinesThe best of this model is that you don’t have to pre freeze the ice cream maker. This machine is also the best in the market to choose because you can make amazing quality ice creams. The only drawback about this model is that you have to spend more money on it but if you are ready to afford for expensive ice maker then go for it without hesitation. 

Gelato maker

This machine is also called as soft serve ice cream. Most of the people love this as the soft serve ice creams are softer and of the best quality. This model has dispenser hence you can serve ice creams immediately straight from the ice cream maker machine.